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Being a lazy programmer in the age of AI

A bird’s-eye view of AI

Determining the state of the art regarding Artificial intelligence is nearly impossible. However, we can at least identify a couple approaches where systems, presented as centralized and automated, have fallen short of "human level" capabilities. For example, be it a Social Network or Self-Driving car. Artificial intelligence needs a human-like awareness, creativity, and reasoning.

Under the guiding hand of professor Erik Mannens, we ventured into the mystical world of AI. While AI raises intriguing questions about what computers can and can't do, it also raises major moral concerns. Will we be able to construct the "right" AI, one that can coexist with humanity on this planet? These are problems we might not be ready to solve. But the future of AI holds enormous promise for the job market, health care, education, politics, and science and technology policy. We spoke to Prof. Mannens about what's needed, and what the research program needs to be focused on.

There is something we have to admit

Now, this may come to you as a surprise but of all the text text only the text in italic was written by us. And even though this is not the most impressive demo of current AI and its implications for the future, we believe it proves a point. One of the biggest difficulties coming up is the implementation of fair and safe AI. Not in the sense of preventing a racist overlord but making sure the advantage of strong AI is equally available to everyone and not controlled by a handful of big companies. Prof. Mannens spoke of a future where robots and humans collaborated and learned from each other instead of replacing one another. We’ve put his vision to the test in writing this blog, setting the tone for a bright future. As Bill Gates suggests, best to hire a lazy programmer.

Try it for yourself

You can have a lot of fun by using the following link https://talktotransformer.com/ to generate some unique AI generated paragraphs. Last but not least we want to thank Prof. Mannens and the awesome people from delaware for making this thought-provoking lecture happen.

By Flor Delombaerde and Tobiah Lissens, 2nd Master Computer Science