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Three is a cloud

The stage is set. Amsterdam is awaiting us, a group of 19 IT-students, ready and eager to learn and have a great time. And even though we’ve barely met, new friendships have already started forming with the help of an evening of Escape Rooming and delicious food. So, it’s about time to start our first full day on the study trip! And what’s on the menu you ask? Microservices and its mysteries and magic. But first a good breakfast!

The Walk

After a short walk from our hotel, we arrived at our main destination of the day: ‘The Student Hotel’. A fairly regular looking building at first, but one that was doing its very best to hide its charms.

As we made our way inside, expecting a university building like any other, we instead found ourselves in a pleasant mixture of vibrance and relaxation. Modern seating for ted-talks (and chill), ping-pong and pool tables to kill the time between work and flashy designs that catch the eye. This would all be for later though cause right now, we had a lecture to attend to.

The Talk

To kick off our set of presentations for the week, we started with a lecture from Dr. Coen De Roover, professor in Computer Science at the VUB. He introduced us to the wonderful arts of microservice design, the ebbs and flows of asynchronous messaging and the perfect grain size for our ‘Mousse au Logiciel’.

All jokes aside, it was a splendid explanation on the usage of the actor model and the do’s and don’ts of scaling an application with Akka. Do these topics peak your interest? Then you should definitely check out the full presentation here.

“He set the bar high for the upcoming presentations.” - Lore Vandevyvere, recruiter from Barco

But now the time has come for us to become(idle()) and return after lunch for an afternoon of hands-on sessions. If you want to see and hear more about our fantastic trip, be sure to follow the #SoftwareStudyTrip on Instagram or check out Barco and delaware on Facebook!

By Nathan Segers (3rd Bachelor NMCT: smart tech creator, Howest Kortrijk) & Joey Dekeyser (1st Master Ind. Ing., UGent)